Handmade Natural Amethyst Ring for Men

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Center Stone: Amethyst
Side Stones: -
Metal: 925 Silver Handmade Ring 
Size:  UK65 

This is an interesting project we recently did in February 2021 in which a customer from Australia has asked us to make a replica of his black onyx ring. His black onyx ring has a large onyx, and we needed to find a large and good quality amethyst for this project. Fortunately we have one, but unfortunately it was in oval shape. There was no other choice, we have to recut it!

We glad we did cut it, as the amethyst turned out the be very beautiful! The cut is perfect and the luster is amazing. And here is the final work of the ring which was entirely made by hand in Chiang Mai.

  • Handmade ring
  • Custom order
  • Material: 925 Silver
  • Gemstone: Amethyst
  • Band color: White
  • Crafted and made in Chiang Mai
  • Style: Classic men's ring

If you are interested in making a ring like this, contact us for more details. We'll gladly assist you. Here's the full video of the ring: