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Chiang Mai - We keep working on to gather all reviews about Shiraz Jewelry from our customers for the past over 36 years. There are plenty! As with other businesses in the world, we have existed only because we are honest, always giving the best price and best advice for your interest. 

You may be visiting Chiang Mai, Thailand pretty soon. Either for holiday, short break, learning yoga, joining detox camp, or studying Thai language. People in the Northern Thailand are generally nice, humble, and often shy. 

And when you are wondering what to buy your loved ones back home, you may think about gemstone and jewelry. By this time, you are already educating yourself from the internet - from other's experience - about buying gemstone in Chiang Mai. Worry not! Shiraz Jewelry has been a reputable and honest store for the past 30 years.

We found out that this online travel community has been adding us to in their list, too. Find it here!


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