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Choosing your perfect gemstone

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Chiang Mai - When it comes to gemstone people often ask me, what constitutes a perfect one? How do jewelers value them? To answer this we have to broaden our visitors' perspective about these minerals. Let's start by: there is no universal perfect gemstone. 


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1. Birthstone

You'd probably considering a gemstone according to your birth month. Historian believed that there is connection between twelve stones in Aaron's breastplate, the twelve months of the year, and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Regardless history or common belief, it is a good step to start.

2. Favorite colors

Ask yourself, what are your favorite colors to wear? And if you are buying one as a gift, think about the taste of the person you are going to give the gift to. Consider purchasing a stone that has a complimentary color if your loved one owns a variety of pieces, so they can be worn together.

3. Remember the 4 Cs

Just like diamonds, gemstones are graded in a similar way - Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat. Gemstones come in all sorts of colors, but it's the bright, vivid and intense colors that are always best to find. Clarity describes whether a stone has flaws inside or on the surface of the stone. Finally, cut and carat weight generally comes down to personal preferences.

Now that you know how to choose your gemstone, it is important to know where to find the greatest deals. Many bargains can be found online, but mindful about its warranty and make sure that you are buying from a reputable seller. If you are new to buying gemstones, consider choosing a retailer who specializes in gemstone. With this approach, you are sure to find the perfect selection and plenty of colors to suit your style. And if you happen to be traveling in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and looking for Chiang Mai jewelry, be sure to get the best deal from us.


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