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Thank you Mr Charles Boyer

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Chiang Mai - In December 2014, we had a wonderful couple in our shop who is now resided in Japan. The husband, Mr Charles Boyer, is lovingly wrote to us about experience he had with Shiraz Jewelry in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Quoted below is his sharing: 

" My wife and I discovered the Shiraz Co. shop by accident earlier this year. After our first visit last Spring, we returned at Christmas to visit the shop again.

During both visits the proprietor, Mr Nasser, was kind, patient, helpful and informative. After two hours of looking (on our first visit) we bought several loose stones. We brought them back to Japan (where we live) and paid to have a lab examine them. Our stones were deemed "natural" and "excellent quality."

When I took my stone to a Japanese jeweler to make me a ring he wanted to buy it. "There isn't another one like it in Tokyo" he said.

On our second trip we bought more stones - after several hours of patient examination. Mr. Jafari could not have been more helpful as we looked for what we wanted.

He starts with two questions: what do you want and what is your budget? At first it unsettled me, but then I realized, he's working with me not against me. I answered his two questions. As a result, the stones he brought out for our perusal were outstanding.

Currently, my wife's stones are being made into custom earrings by a Japanese jeweler. He plans to set them off with laser cut Japanese diamonds. When he is finished we expect to have something unique - the best of two worlds.

Good gems at a fair price are hard to find, this shop still has them. We plan to return."

You may find his sharing in the following link here



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