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Spinel Featured

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Chiangmai Spinel
Chiangmai Spinel

Clean and beautiful Spinel Spinel is a fascinating gem that occurs in various shades of colors such as carmine-red, blood-red, brownish-red, rose-red, orange, pale blue, violet-blue, dark blue, purple, greenish, and black.

Most of the blood-red color spinels are mined in Myanmar, and they among the most expensive spinels. Under certain condition the color is similar like unto ruby color. Black Prince’s Ruby, which decorated the Imperial State Crown of England, is in fact a huge red spinel!

Synthetic spinels have been manufactured since around 1915, and the colors produced are designed to mimic the appearance of other gemstones (aquamarine and tourmaline).

The hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale makes spinel suitable for daily-use jewelries such as rings, earrings, and pendant. They tend to have fewer flaws than corundum gems of comparable color, size, and quality. Since they are very hard, lovely, and durable, spinels should be more popular than they are now.

We have been accumulating spinels in the past 35 years from the mines in Myanmar. Visit us if you are looking to buy spinel as a present - in a form of a ring, a pendant, or loose stone. We’ll show you our collections dated back from 20+ years ago, of course with a very low price.


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