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Emerald from Shiraz Jewelry
Emerald from Shiraz Jewelry

Emerald in Chiangmai from ShirazEmerald has been a wellspring of mystery and the symbol of immortality and faith. When you look at it closely yourself, you would understand why it is one of the most highly prized of all gems, as well as one of the rarest and most valuable.

Emerald weighing more than several carats are extremely rare and costly. A fine stone of good color, which is deep green with a tinge of yellow or blue, and free of inclusions and flaws, may be harder to get. In Shiraz Jewelry, we have a wide selection of emeralds for you to choose. Only the finest qualities are transparent. Often the emerald is clouded by inclusions (liquid or gas bubbles, healing cracks, and foreign crystals). These are not classified as faults, but are evidence as to genuineness of the stone as compared with synthetic and other imitations.

It is important for you to distinguish emeralds which are synthetic and original. We'll teach you how !

The color of Emerald is much looking forward by people to make jewelries, especially to match with some dress collection. You'll love emeralds if green is your favorite color. 




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