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Unheated blue sapphire chiangmai
Unheated blue sapphire chiangmai

Best quality unheated blue sapphire in Chiangmai, ThailandSince the beginning of Shiraz Co., Ltd. operation in the early '80s, we have carried and sold uncountable Sapphire gemstones to customers worldwide. This is one of the few favorite gemstones in Thailand, and for some, the reason why they've come so far.

The vast majority of Sapphire gemstones are nowadays, treated. Some treatment allow low grade yellow (yes, there are other colors than blue!) Sapphire into top color pinks. But of course, any treatments can now be detected -  by most jewelers. Blue Sapphire gemstones are among the most wanted sapphire in the world.

Shiraz has both treated and untreated - and yes, we'll tell you if one is treated and the price will typically lower. Travelers and residents of Chiang Mai have been purchasing either Ruby or Sapphire, or both, from us for the past over 30 years! And whatever your reason to buy Sapphire is, we can customise for you. 

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