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Emerald from Shiraz Jewelry
Emerald from Shiraz Jewelry

Peridot in Chiangmai ShirazPeridot gemstones can be purchased loose or in a setting. You can typically choose the setting and the peridot stones separately and have us put them together, or they can choose a pre-made jewelry piece that is already set. Peridot is located in the birthstone section.

Peridot gems bringing a unique green luxury to the jewelry industry.When you decided to buy it, what qualities to look for and how to buy the right gemstone for special occassion or for special one? There are 4C's to consider and crucial when making selection:

Color - The deeper green color is caused by the level of iron in the stone. Be sure that the color is even and intense regardless you choose lighter pistachio or a darker green shade, the color should be vivid and even. 

Cut - Don't worry about it. Peridot can be shaped into nearly any gemstone shape, including round, oval, square, pear, emerald, and many more. But avoid those which seems misshapen or not proportionate.

Clarity - As a basic rule, get ones with no inclusions or less. Some small marks may be present, but overall, peridot gems have decent clarity by nature.

Carat - This is generally the major determinant of the size of gemstones, and in turn, determines the price to some extent.

Beware of imitation! Peridot has never been manufactured or man-made, but a number of imitations exist such as using a green glass replica. You can spot it right away it it is a glass when it doesn't have yellow factor in the stone, and glass only has a single reflection. 


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