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Emerald from Shiraz Jewelry
Emerald from Shiraz Jewelry

Pearl Chiangmai ShirazMaximum beauty is not typically found in large pearls. They form, basically, by encapsulation of an irritant by tissues of a molluse. In Shiraz Jewelry, we have what is the right size for you.

Pearls are recovered from oysters, washed, and then sold to merchants. Then follows a bleaching operation, sorting, grading, and drilling. The value of pearls is a function of color, luster, orient, translucency, texture, and especially size. 

It is common and fully acceptable for cultured pearls to be in the market nowadays. You may visit our shop to learn more about the difference between natural and cultured pearls. Importantly, trusting in our reputation makes it easier to buy pearls in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



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