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Diamond from Shiraz Jewelry
Diamond from Shiraz Jewelry

diamond in chiangmaiDiamond is the best-known gem. It signifies love, eternity, strength, and everlasting affection. For those reasons you will buy it when you propose someone special in a form of engagement ring and/or wedding jewelry.

The value of a diamond depends on these factors: color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Large diamonds are rarer than small ones, and therefore more valuable. However, the price of a diamond does not go up in simple steps along with size !

Color is the most important single factor that contributes to the value of a diamond. Several grading scales are currently in use; on the GIA scale, for example, the highest-quality color grades are D, E, and F - all corresponding to a pure "white" color with no tinge of yellow. To the untrained eye, two diamonds may both appear "white", whereas one might actually be F and the other J on the GIA scale, and the difference in price could be as much as 35 percent.

In Shiraz Jewelry, you will deepen the level of understanding about diamond, and we stand on your side to help you. Remember, only buy diamond in Chiang Mai from a reputable shop.






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