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In 1982, Shiraz Jewelry was established in Chiang Mai, Thailand out of our passion in gems. That is 35 years ago! (See our reviews) Love everything that are related to precious stones and jewelry. Connect with us via Facebook or Twitter

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About Us

The Facts

1. Based in Chiang Mai, Thailand
2. In operation since 1982
3. Specialized in precious stone

The Story

Mr Nasser the friendly gemstone genius

Shiraz Gems & Jewelry was established in 1982 in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Mr Nasser. Trust in quality and price is the main factor when purchasing jewelry and gemstone, and Shiraz Jewelry has earned it ever since founded.

Mr Nasser's trustworthy qualities are renowned worldwide. During the time when internet and social media did not exist yet, over 20 international guide books have recommended Shiraz Jewelry as, "The best place for jewelry shopping" and "The best place for the best deal".

Our small team at Shiraz Jewelry have been providing high quality jewelries to customers across the globe for over thirty six years. We offer the best customer service, friendly opinion and suggestion, and pleasant experience. Small team means more value to your jewelry bought from us. 

We have a huge selection of gemstones and some ready-made jewelries, and have been lucky to have great relationship with our customers since the very beginning. Life is full of unforgettable moments.. please allow us to be part of making it.

Meet us in Chiang Mai

We feel fortunate to live and work in such a beautiful city like Chiang Mai. It is blissfully calm and laid-back sanctuary to relax and refuel your energy. If you are in Chiang Mai, dont forget to pop in to say hi, we have a small store where we would love to meet you and show you our goodies.

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Properties of Gemstones

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In the case of minerals and gemstones, hardness refers first to scratch hardness, then to cutting resistance. Today the hardness test is only rarely applied to precious stones and then mainly by collectors.

Friedrich Mohs (1773-1839), a Viennese mineralogis, invented the scratch hardness test. It was simply described that scratch hardness is the resistance of a mineral when scratched with a pointed testing object. Ten minerals were selected for comparison and graded from one to ten. 

Scratch hardness
Mineral used
for comparison
Simple hardness testerCutting hardness
1 Talc Can be scratched with fingernail 0.03
2 Gypsum Can be scratched with fingernail 1.25
3 Calcite Can be scratched with copper coin 4.5
4 Flourite Easily scrathed with knife 5.0
5 Apatite Can be scratched with knife 6.5
6 Orthoclase Can be scratched with steel file 37
7 Quartz Scracthes window glass 120
8 Topaz   170
9 Corundum   1,000
10 Diamond   140,000



Many gems can be split along certain flat planes, calls cleavage. But some gems cannot be cleaved at all like quartz. But you don't have to worry about this. Mostly lapidaries (a person who cuts gems) and stone setters will take account of the cleavage.The largest diamond of gem quality ever found, the Cullinan (3,106 carats!), was cleaved in 1908 into three large pieces.

Specific Gravity (Relative Density)

Specific gravity is the weight of a specific material compared with the weight of the same volume of water. For example, a gem with specific gravity of 2.6 means it is 2.6 times heavier than water both with the same volume. The value varies between 1 and 7. Values under 2 are considered light (amber is 1.1); those between 2 and 4 considered normal (quartz is 2.6); and those above 4 are heavy (cassiterite is 7). Below is specific gravity of some common gems.

Specific Gravity (Relative Density)
1 Ruby 3.97 - 4.08
2 Sapphire 3.99 - 4.00
3 Alexandrite 3.70 - 3.73
4 Rhodonite 3.40 - 3.70
5 Spinel 3.58 - 3.61
6 Topaz 3.53 - 3.56
7 Diamond 3.47 - 3.55
8 Peridot 3.27 - 3.36
9 Lapiz Lazuli 2.40 - 2.90
10 Turquoise 2.60 - 2.80
11 Emerald 2.67 - 2.78
12 Pearl 2.60 - 2.78
13 Aquamarine 2.67 - 2.71
14 Tiger's Eye 2.64 - 2.71
15 Citrine 2.65
16 Rose Quartz 2.65
17 Smoky Quartz 2.65
18 Amethyst 2.63 - 2.65
19 Agate 2.60 - 2.65
20 Moonstone 2.56 - 2.62
21 Opal 1.98 - 2.20
22 Amber 1.05 - 1.30



Color is the most important characteristic of gems. In the case of most stones, it is not diagnostic in identification, because many have the same color and numerous stones occur in many colors. Color is produced by light; light is electromagnetic vibration at certain wave lengths.

In gemstones, the metals, mainly chrome, iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel and vanadium, absorb certain wavelengths of white light and so cause coloration. The distance the light travels through the stone can also influence absorption and thus color. Gems cutter would know that light colored stones should be made thicker, while stones that are too dark are cut thinly.

Although color is very important in gems (with the exception of diamonds), no practical method is known. Color comparison charts are poor substitutes because there is so much room for subjective consideration.

Color Change

The color of some gems is altered by time. Amethyst, rose quartz, and kunzite can become paler when exposed to direct sunlight. But in nature, color change by nature causes are not common.

Less attractive colors can be changed to more desirable hues by heating, often times accompanied by certain chemical. Best known is the heat treatment of ruby and sapphire. The resulting colors are sometimes so close to nature that they cannot be detected by naked eye. They have to be marked as color treated or heat treated when offered for sale.


Transparency is an important factor when evaluating gemstones. Inclusions (of foreign matter) and air bubbles in the inside of gemstones affect the transparency and value. The path of light through the gems can also be impaired by strong absorption of the gem itself.


The luster of a gem is caused by reflection. It is dependent on the refractive index and the nature of the surface, but not the color. The higher the refraction, the higher the luster. The most desirable luster is diamond, and stones with no luster are described as dull. The light effects which are caused by total reflection are considered as luster. The lower facets of the gem act as a mirror and reflect the entering light, so strengthening the lustrous appearance.

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Birthstone and Zodiac

What is my birthstone?

You may have this question in mind before browsing the internet for the answer. While animal zodiac is commonly used in pop culture, birthstone may be still a bit behind. It is only in 1912, the (American) National Association of Jewelers (now called Jewelers of America) officially standardized a list of stones as birthstones.

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Moissanite is an ethical diamond alternative which sometimes outshines almost any commercial diamond.

Moissanite discovered by a French chemist Henri Moissan in 1893. He discovered it while examining rock samples from a meteor crater in Arizona, United States. The discovery was challenged for a long time.

What Is Moissanite?
It is naturally occurring silicon carbide and is a very rare mineral. This mineral has hardness of 9.5 Mohs scale - which makes moissanite the second hardest mineral after diamond which is at 10 Mohs. Because naturally occurring moissanite is very rare, most of it is produced synthetically.

Why Moissanite?
Moissanite looks very similar to diamond and the use of it as diamond imitation is increasingly popular. In fact, some optical properties exceeding those of diamond. Its lower price and less exploitative mining practices necessary to obtain it make it a popular diamond alternative.

Moissanite is Environmentally Friendly
Did we say most of it is produced synthetically in lab? It is a conflict-free gemstone and there is no mining involved get it into your hand.

Moissanite Has More Brilliance
Comparing between diamond and moissanite both with similar clarity, color, and cut, it turns out that moisanite is more brilliant and sparky.

Moissanite Has More Fire
When light enters moissanite, it breaks down light into spectral colors and they are more intense than that in diamond. So you will see more colorful and bigger flashes than those you would observe in diamond.

Moissanite Weigh Less Than Diamond
Moissanite is less dense than diamond. That means when you have moissanite and diamond, both same size, the moissanite will be lighter.

Moissanite Is Cheaper
It costs a fraction of diamond price. But while it is much cheaper, don't assume that you are being offered a real diamond just because the price is expensive. Contact us if you want to buy moissanite in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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Offer 10% Off Display Items

We're offering 10% off to celebrate new arrivals! Come into the store today to check out the latest colours and styles from our summer line, and get 10% off any displayed item purchase. Browse the selection in-store; discount only given on in-store purchases. Promotion valid until 20 September 2018.

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Clean and beautiful Spinel Spinel is a fascinating gem that occurs in various shades of colors such as carmine-red, blood-red, brownish-red, rose-red, orange, pale blue, violet-blue, dark blue, purple, greenish, and black.

Most of the blood-red color spinels are mined in Myanmar, and they among the most expensive spinels. Under certain condition the color is similar like unto ruby color. Black Prince’s Ruby, which decorated the Imperial State Crown of England, is in fact a huge red spinel!

Synthetic spinels have been manufactured since around 1915, and the colors produced are designed to mimic the appearance of other gemstones (aquamarine and tourmaline).

The hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale makes spinel suitable for daily-use jewelries such as rings, earrings, and pendant. They tend to have fewer flaws than corundum gems of comparable color, size, and quality. Since they are very hard, lovely, and durable, spinels should be more popular than they are now.

We have been accumulating spinels in the past 35 years from the mines in Myanmar. Visit us if you are looking to buy spinel as a present - in a form of a ring, a pendant, or loose stone. We’ll show you our collections dated back from 20+ years ago, of course with a very low price.


This was a first, to have a piece of jewelry made especially for me. And I couldn't be happier. I enjoyed my time with Mr. Nasser and his lovely staff. They were helpful and very patient with my questions and lack of knowledge. I completely trust Mr. Nasser and his expertise. In the future, when gems or jewelry are concerned, I will make a special trip to Chiang Mai to visit Shiraz and the sweet people.

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Choosing your perfect gemstone

Chiang Mai - When it comes to gemstone people often ask me, what constitutes a perfect one? How do jewelers value them? To answer this we have to broaden our visitors' perspective about these minerals. Let's start by: there is no universal perfect gemstone. 

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Thank you Mr Charles Boyer

Chiang Mai - In December 2014, we had a wonderful couple in our shop who is now resided in Japan. The husband, Mr Charles Boyer, is lovingly wrote to us about experience he had with Shiraz Jewelry in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Quoted below is his sharing: 

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