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Why Shiraz Jewelry?

When purchasing jewelry and gemstones, trust in quality and price is the most important factor. That is why Mr Nasser, the friendly gemstone genius and founder of Shiraz Jewelry is truly the person to visit in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We have been in business since 1982.  

Shiraz Jewelry shop in Chiang Mai 
With the more than 36 years of service and trust Mr Nasser has earned in jewelry business, it is no wonder why most of the local and foreign residents of Chiang Mai visit Shiraz jewelry and gemstone. Here, you can find Chiangmai gemstone.
Gemstone expert chiang maiMr Nasser's trustworthy qualities are renowned worldwide. Over 20 international guide books have recommended Shiraz Jewelry, as " The best place for jewelry shopping
" and "The best place for the best deal".
Regular customers know the advantage that they get in the exceptionally low prices of Shiraz Jewelry and Gems Chiang Mai. Mr Nasser assures, "I purchase my gems directly from the mines and sell directly to my world-wide customers. That's why my prices are among the very best in Thailand. I want my customers to get the best deals - and they know that. So they come back ".

Make an appointment, pay a visit, and you will know that you have chosen the right place in town! 



A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person's month of birth. Birthstones are often worn as jewelry and as pendant. Below are the list of birthstones and their related months. 

1. Garnet » January
2. Amethyst 
» February
3. Aquamarine » March

4. Diamond » April

5. Emerald » May

6. Pearl » June

7. Ruby » July

8. Peridot » August

9. Sapphire » September

10. Opal » October

11. Topaz » November

12. Turquoise » December

Best Gemstone Store in Chiang Mai

Shiraz years of service and trustWhen visiting the Shiraz store we allow you to browse through our gems collection and find the exact item you need. We then need to have knowledge on your budget because there are very wide range of prices for gems. This is important because we would rather be finding what is suitable for your need and budget, than pushing you to buy more. It is our intention that you are happy with what you are getting. It is that simple.

This allows us to spend time with you focusing on creating your dream jewelry. Whenever you are in Chiang Mai and looking for gems, please visit us. We are in natural gemstone jewelry and wholesale gemstone since 1982. 


  • Gemstones | Here in Shiraz Jewelry Chiang Mai we have all birthstones you need, but while you are in Thailand the best buy is Ruby and Sapphire (Green, Yellow, Blue) because these stones come from Thailand. Check our wide selection of Diamond too.

  • Diamond Engagement Ring We can help you find your dream engagement ring from our collection in Chiang Mai. You may also design your own with the help of our experts. Together, we can help you discover or create an engagement ring that lasts for a lifetime. 

  • Wedding Ring | Either sleek and simple, diamond studded, or bespoke, we would be delighted to make your special day memorable. 

  • Jewellery | We have collection of gold, white gold, and silver jewelry at prices nobody could beat.  





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